Happy bday h

Ah I wish we were all meeting up today for a big fat afternoon tea. If we were  would cook – obviously. I would like to order big fat cream scones, a pie of some description some Parma ham n olives combo and Of course big fat pots of tea. Note my repetition




The White Stuff

It occurs to me that the last time I posted on the blog there was snow on the ground, and here I am again, waiting for Spring but with more of the white stuff.
Being a teacher means that you live life connected to the seasons in a strange way. Assemblies based on the roots of Easter, or the variations on Santa across the world, small children collecting for harvest festivals or snowball fights in the playgrounds.
At the moment, my connection to the passing days is through the ever closer exam season, which I associate with sunshine streaming through the windows of the school gym. Only a few short weeks to go until most of the students I teach will leave me forever and fly off to University, from there it is just a hop and a skip to six weeks of summer loveliness. I am just having some issues with marching towards exams when there is still snow on the ground.


Shabby best describes my efforts at blogging for last month and so the plan is to improve on that! I am glad to see the start of February because it means we get that little bit closer to spring springing up and I can honestly say I was getting a bit tired of the snow. Snow is most fun when you don’t have to leave the house and with both boys, debating whether or not to get in the car and risk the wintry icy conditions (a no brainer let’s face it) meant a little bit more cabin fever for us all..
January saw my little A start football sessions which he is really enjoying, scoring goals in pop up nets and doing big kicks and little kicks.The kicks are getting better and better especially since he incorporates them into his tantrums..love him. Football is a workout for me as well and is pretty entertaining to watch as you can imagine. I haven’t scored an own goal yet though so that’s something. Or had a tantrum. It’s P’s turn this friday to go all ‘Competitive Dad’ at the session..
S is now 10 and half months and last month saw him start to crawl as well as produce some great gnashers! There have been some later than usual late nights and some very early mornings. I dream of a lie-in beyond 7am..do these really happen? Is breakfast in bed something that actually exists? Did I used to go to the toilet uninterrupted? Is it unacceptable to be wearing a 19 year old sweatshirt because it doesn’t matter if it gets dribble/sick/snot on it? Let me know. I digress. S is a happy hungry boy and only gets told ‘Sammy! No!’ by Alex 90% of the time.
Looking ahead on my Benedict Cumberbatch calendar (2013 is so much easier on the eye now) I see that Shrove Tuesday is next week…and I love my pancakes. Any of you intend to get battered? And who with? Goodnight.



It has been a few weeks since my last post so I thought I’d check in and say hi. 

Today I have had the hangover from hell after being at a family birthday party last night. I am ashamed to say I did not get up until 2pm and have been in my pj’s all day. It got me thinking about when we were in our late teens/early twenties and going to the pub was an everyday occurrence. Didn’t we even drag H out of bed to go clubbing in Southport once? Those nights were fab at the time and an important part of growing up but i’m glad they are behind me. I guess it just makes me feel old that even though now i don’t drink anywhere near as much as we all did back then the hangovers are still horrendous. My hubby found it quite amusing today when i declared that i am going teetotal. He quite rightly pointed out that i don’t need to be so extreme, i just need to know my limits. I’m not young anymore (sigh).

In other news, we still don’t know if the girly goos are expecting babies after the great escape last month. I’ve been weighing them weekly to spot early signs. So far, no weight gain. I’ll keep you updated.

The snow has all gone here (not that we really had much), its back to the usual wind and rain.

Until next time, laters xxx


The best way to enjoy snow is either very close up, or very far away. Handfuls thrown around, or moulded around the heat of our hands make snow the perfect winter occurrance. If you then get to spend time inside by an open fire afterwards, so much the better. Skins feels softer, hot chocolate sweeter and large gentles flakes all the more beautiful having come in from outside.

The problem is that our busy lives mean that we rarely have the time to escape from the snow, or dive into the fun of it. We are too busy scraping cars and trying not to be late to engage with our surroundings in a natural way. How did something so wonderful become such an inconvenience?

“Advice is like snow – the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Beast from the east florishing

It is a cold sunday afternoon here in Manchester. I am sat in reading corner  – drinking tea and reading obviously. Then I thought ooo lets catch up. So. The beast from the east is on its way. Well I can report it has just snowed here for about 3 minutess. Very exciting. Obviously I and others in my profession will be doing the snow dance in the hope that our work places will close prematurely. Though, this never happens at my place. I live in hope.

I’ve just been reading my copy of red this month. Love it. H i know you subscribe – A n J? Well lots of writing about ‘florishing’ and doing what makes us happy. So I have sat in reading corner and pondered this one. I should just say reading corner is the little snug spot at the end of the living room. It has a two seater cream wicker sofa snuck underneath the…

Stop press. Its actually snowing big style now. Weehhooooo! Huge chunks. H ‘we love extreme weather’. One of the quotes post edge I think!

…window. Sorry I had a window break then. There is a little reading light to the right and a vanilla candle lit on the window sill. For some reason ‘reading corner’ has a very special aura. Its where we go to relax and ponder and have quiet time. And read.

Back to Red. So how do we flourish? Apparently we have to regcognise the things we enjoy doing and do them more; say thankyou more often, in an earnest way; give ourselves more credit and write down positive thoughts/things we have done before we go to sleep at night. So I am going to start a new note book and try for the positive thoughts things. I will report back.

The rest of my lazy sunday awaits.

Red Wine for me

Well hello ladies,

Only me, last as usual. I’m sure that by now you come to expect nothing less.

I’ve had quite a stressful day at work today so have shunned the usual evening cuppa in favour of a large glass of rioja –  and i may even go for glass number two after this one. I know, i’m crazy and, while i may come to regret it in the morning, right now i don’t care. Its just the way i roll.

Big news from the J household – we have a possible Degu pregnancy situation due to a) careless leaving open of the boys cage and b) on the same night, the girls launching a Great Escape type plot and breaking free from their cage. Two of the boys were later found underneath the girls cage with all 3 girls so it is not looking good!!! I’ll keep you informed. Next time you degu sit for us A there may be several more mouths to feed, tee hee.

Happy New year ladies, i’ll check in again soon.

Tea Times Two

I have been expecting me! Hello to you all..was that Miranda-esque?

A, I love your tea references, and I hope you are not too sad on this sunday with that going back to work feeling which has been looming for a while now. Carrying on the tea theme allows me to share the fact that my A (now 2y 3m) had his first (albeit tiny) cup of tea today…’cuppa’ has been added to his ever expanding vocabulary. After a walk in the woods which involved a ridiculous amount of mud and much sniggering at D’s bizarre choice of footwear – loafers (?!)- we ventured to a local garden centre for a cup of tea. You know what it’s like after a particularly tough ‘amble’ on semi-challenging terrain (puddly)…you always need tea and cake. A managed his little china cup very well and slurped away at his real cup of tea. What a star – it was perhaps more milk than tea but that didn’t matter. He held that cup (a ‘big boys cup’ – no doubt its size will change as he does!) and he enjoyed it. Not least because there was cake to go with it.

Let’s hope the January blues are something we can liken to the colour of the skies this month.

Happy New Year friends and Happy back to school!


I’m back at work tomorrow after 3 weeks on holiday for Christmas. Some-how, they fact that this is a miserable, soggy Sunday only adds to the back to work blues. I have a whole day of freedom, but I am not sure how to make the best use of it instead of watching the time tick away until I need to leave for school in the morning. Avoidance of housework seems to be the order of the day, along with cups of tea and catching up on films and reading.

I remember a Sunday like this one when we all lived in halls together, nothing to do, and only drizzle and fizzy air for company. We stayed in the halls all day and made one cup of tea after another, counting them in the end and giggling. We sat in each others rooms and talked about nothing, while the tea got stronger and so did we.


The 4 of us live dotted across the country, and each of us live busy lives. Trying to squash in regular contact simply does not happen as often as any of us would like. This is one of the reasons for setting up a blog that we can all connect to, personally, I am hoping for a few more details on everyday life.

When we get together, we talk openly, about anything and everything that occurs in our lives. Love and sadness in all its forms, but what we never get is a glimpse into the everyday, the way that life can be ordinary. So you can imagine my joy when yesterday I managed to speak to all 3 of them in the same day. Getting the blog set up, sorting out each of the admin connections and making sure everyone knew the mechanics of blogging took several phone calls.

Nice to see that we are achieving our aims already.